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Tülay German

Tülay German

First female representative of Anatolian Pop
"It is not blood that pours from my veins, it is rebellion."

Date of Birth: 27/01/1935 1933

Place of Birth: Istanbul

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Tülay German Tülay German Tülay German Tülay German

Field of Activity

"In my area there were women, my mother included, who were living the easy life, living off their husbands' wealth, never getting their hands dirty, stylishly dressed and carefree… İstanbul was full of women like this. But the woman in the folk song, "Burçak Tarlası" (Field of Tare), was a woman who worked hard in the fields.
And when she sang in the folksong "Look how many fields the village chief has!!" - she was demonstrating, without even being aware of it, that she had an instinctive political consciousness. And when she calls after him "I will burn down your house and pack up my things and leave!" she was also rebelling against the established order of things. I have always had a rebellious character, ever since my childhood, so I really sympathized with this village bride who was telling the boss what she thought of him.
I made a record in honour of Nazım Hikmet", did radio and television programmes, participated in many festivals. I gave numerous concerts in France and other European countries. I was at the height of my career as an vocal artist. Both my voice and me myself have matured over the years. Now is exactly the right moment to withdraw quietly, before my voice starts to lose its fullness, before my breath runs out,and my enthusiasm diminishes, before the fire inside me begins to die down, before I grow old and tired.. I have a concert in Holland tonight. Nobody knows that this concert will be my last one."
(Tülay German's last concert: Eindhofen, Netherlands, 1987)

Plates and Albums

Singles recorded in Turkey but not published

Singles recorded and published in Turkey

Singles recorded and published in France

  • Mara Eva (A – in French) / Mara Eva (B – in English); Ezgi Plak 1970
  • Kumbaya / C'est Joli De S'aimer, Philips, 1968
  • O Eski Günler / Sevmem Bir Daha, Philips, 1967
  • Dere Geliyor Dere / Kara Kızın Türküsü, Philips, 1968
  • Seni Alıp Kaçayım / Aras Üste, Buz Üste, Philips, 1968

Singles recorded in France

  • Santa Maria / Pour Le Meilleur Et Pour Le Pire / Pardonne-moi / Garde-Moi, Bagatelle, 1967
  • Santa Maria / Garde-Moi, Bagatelle, 1967

Singles recorded in France for international sales

  • Kumbaya / Parler à La Pluie / C'est Joli De S'Aimer, Philips, 1968.
  • La legende du Roi Sebastien / Cent Mille Millions, Philips, 1968.
  • Soleil d'Hiver, Philips, 1968.
  • Un Coin de Terre / Celui Qui Viendta Lundi, Philips, 1969.
  • La Chanson de L'Oubli / Le Cœur D'Un Ange, Philips, 1969.
  • Marie İsabelle / J'Avais Dix Petits frères, Philips, 1969.
  • À Perdre Haleine, (Hommage á Janis Joplin) / L'Homme Est Un Bateau, CBS, 1972, (Tülay German used in this recording the pseudonym Tuly sand).


Tülay German's classics

Resources: Privatarchive of Tülay German

Tülay German as writer

Tülay German Erdemli Yıllar, Bilgi Yayınları, Istanbul, 1996

Tülay German, Düşmemiş Bir Uçağın Kara Kutusu , Rıfat Ilgaz Kültür Merkezi, Çınar Yayınları, Istanbul, 2001

Tülay German wrote articles between 1999 and 2002 for the culture magazine Adam Sanat.


Prize of the Académie Charles-Cros 1981, France (for the album Toulai et François Rabbath)


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Robert College Üsküdar, Istanbul, graduation 1956

Private lessons: piano lessons with Ferdi Statser, Turkish folk music with Ruhi Su

Contributions to Society

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Family and Friends

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Projects in her Honour

Documantary film

Kor ve Ateş Yılları (Years of Fire and Cinders), Regisseurs: Didem Pekün, Barış Doğrusöz, 2010

Video clip of the film Kor ve Ateş Yılları (Years of Fire and Cinders)

Web site of Kor ve Ateş Yılları (Years of Fire and Cinders)

Music album

Burçak Tarlası 62-87, Kalan Müzik, İstanbul, 2001

Fan page

Facebook Tülay German

Further Reading


Source for visual images
  • Privat archive of Didem Pekün


The Women's Museum Istanbul would like to thank Tülay German for her support in compiling this introductory page.

Translation into English: Faltinson Edmonton, Yeşim, Alberta, Canada, Çetin Alanya, Istanbul, Turkey
Editing: Lyndall von Dewitz, Oberasbach, Bavaria, Germany

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