The Design

The Design

The temporary exhibitions at the Women's Museum Istanbul cover subjects and themes comprising the memories of the women of Istanbul. The themes of the temporary exhibitions are suggested by the Science Committee of the Women's Museum Istanbul and the museum then carries out the concepts and displays them.

Except from its own temporary exhibitions Women's Museum Istanbul also cooperates with higher education institutions with the aim of turning academic studies on the history of Istanbul city and its women into an exhibition. This collaboration aims to bring practical functionality to the theory-based work on the history of women in the city, to enable research data to be shared with the broader community and to encourage further research.

The Women's Museum Istanbul encourages departments of Social Science and departments of Design to create interdisciplinary projects around themes pertaining to the memories of Istanbul's women. The museum also provides space for such initiatives.

The Women's Museum Istanbul loans it temporary exhibits to interested groups and institutions in Turkey and abroad.

Meral Akkent
Women's Museum Istanbul

Translation into English: Aylin Akın, Istanbul, Ebru Şanlıtürk, İstanbul, Turkey
Editing: Susan Strane, Chilmark, Massachusetts, ABD

Feminist Pedagogy: Museums, Memory Sites, Practices of Remembrance


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Museums and memory sites play a key role in shaping and transforming collective memory, as well as in accessible knowledge production on collective pasts and presents. Yet, despite the critical knowledge production on gender, sexuality and memory in the past decades and the development of feminist pedagogy, many museums and memory sites remain uncritical of conventional gender roles, contributing to the further reproduction of gender based norms and inequalities.

The conference organized by Women's Museum Istanbul and Sabancı University Gender and Women's Studies Center of Excellence (SU Gender) took place in Istanbul from 18 through 20 October 2018. At the conference we discussed feminist pedagogical approaches developed in museums and memorials as well as various practices of social memory with researchers, museum administrators, educators and civil society workers working in the field of social memory.
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The conference was accompanied by an exhibition under the title " UnEXPOSED? - Remembering violent history without showing violence"- The exhibition gave concrete examples of practices of remembrance and exemplified feminist museum education. We asked women and gender-oriented museums from different countries to contribute photos and texts from their previous exhibitions featuring the question of how to remember violent history without reproducing images of violence. It is a special challenge to report on people's painful experiences. The examples sent in by the museums demonstrate how to speak about hurting memories with respect, empathy and solidarity. Six women's museums from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Norway and the Global Fond for Women from the USA sent in 13 documents remembering violence, destruction of nature, times of oppression, mass murder and enforced disappearance and structural violence against asylum seekers. VISIT THE EXHIBITION

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