Why the Herstory Academic Database?

Why the Herstory Academic Database?

One of the other important projects of the Istanbul Women's Museum, within the scope of its efforts to preserve the memory of women in Turkey, is its work on the archive of academic studies on Turkish women's history, available on its website. The purpose of the Herstory Academic Database for Turkey is to create a pool of information that will be able to grant immediate access to academic studies on the subject of women's history Turkey.

Having access to entire studies from this pool of infomation, in addition to being an important time-saving feature for researchers and illustrating key concepts in the in the field of academic studies of Turkish women's history, also provides the possibility of constructing a funcional category map. The Herstory Academic Database for Turkey collects pdf files or bibliographic information for academic studies on Turkish womens' history and offers them for general use. It is the researcher's own choice whether to make the whole study available or just the bibliographic information.

By means of this project, the Women´s Museum Istanbul will keep academic circles informed about the existence and function of this archive and will work with all universities cooperatively. Before the launch of the Istanbul Women's Museum internet site, bibliographic information relevant to completed studies will be added to the archive in due course.

As we upload to this bibliographic pool the studies and the information from colleagues and those sharing their knowledge with us, the Istanbul Women's Museum thanks all those who research women't history for their active contributions to women's collective memory

Meral Akkent
Women's Museum Istanbul

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