Become a WMI Friend

Now there is no way to greet you face-to-face in our museum. In order to make our project a reality, we are working hard to find a physical location for the Museum, as we have revealed on various pages in our website. Even though, for now, we only exist on our internet site, we are pleased and proud to share with you this special project through which, in all of its stages, we have experienced so much joy. Considering all the difficulties of creating an outstanding cultural site for the women of the city, we are relying on your interest and our own skills.

We ask you to become a friend of the Women's Museum Istanbul because this project can only live with the support of its friends. We view our project as a step towards preserving the memory of the city's women. So many people who believe in the importance of the Museum and share, together with us, the excitement of having a women´s museum have shared their knowledge, their documents, their skills and their time. Thus, from the very beginning of our project, it has been the product of a partnership effort. Our friends' skills in various areas have transformed our project into a community effort filled with promise.

Please become a friend. Have you roamed through the pages for Internship Opportunities, Volunteer Opportunities, and the Herstory Academic Database? Perhaps these pages will be a source of inspiration for you in establishing a relationship with us. Or perhaps, reviewing the biographies presented in the Museum, you will wish to share with us a document you have had in your possession for many years and now remember.

We welcome your donations to the Women's Museum Istanbul.


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