Which future will you leave me?
Girls on the climate crisis


Dedicated to all climate activist girls in Turkey

Just as countless other peers all over the world, in Turkey climate activist girls are drawing attention to the destruction of the ecosystem and the climate crisis. In intensive communication with their peers around the world they raise their voice for climate justice and demand that effective precautions be taken. They lead a global struggle against a global crisis. They grow the seed that Greta Thunberg has sown.

The exhibition Which future will you leave me? Girls on the climate crisis shows how the activists see their future in a world whose ecosystem is destroyed, how they are affected by anxietes connected with the climate change, what demands they make on themselves and others in the fight against the climate crisis and which hopes they have.

28 artworks created by Ammonite Digital Art Gallery artists exclusively for this project visually reinterpret the messages of climate activists.

The messages are also interpreted by drawings of the children of Koşan Kaplumbağa Kindergarten.

The exhibition presents information about the climate crisis, statistics, videos and literary texts dealing with environmental damage.

Meral Akkent
Istanbul Women's Museum
October 2020